January 6, 2021
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Male Pattern Hair Loss: What You Need To Know

Male pattern hair loss and baldness conditions affect many patients of all ages. Reena Jogi, MD in Houston, TX, PRP Hair Restoration Expert can recommend safe and effective options for hair regrowth.

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Dr. Reena Jogi is a dermatologist who specializes in PRP Hair Restoration in Houston, Texas.


The first step to stronger, healthier hair is understanding male pattern hair loss causes and treatments.

What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss refers to the condition that causes hair loss, thinning, and baldness in male patients. The symptoms of male pattern baldness can begin to take effect any time after the stage of puberty. For many patients, the symptoms of male pattern baldness are fully visible by their late thirties or early forties. 

Male pattern hair loss is classified into stages according to the Norwood Scale. When diagnosing the severity of the hair loss symptoms, Hair Restoration expert Reena Jogi, MD will make an assessment from the following stages: 

  • Type I - Minimal thinning that typically does not require medical intervention
  • Type II - Beginning of hair loss at the temples
  • Type III - Increased thinning, noticeable patches that required intervention
  • Type III Vertex - Receding hairline and increased thinning on the vertex
  • Type IV - Larger patterns at the vertex and hairline
  • Type V - Patterns increased on both sides with thin division line present
  • Type VI - Bridge is gone, several stands of short fine hair remain
  • Type VII - Little to no hair on top or front of the head

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern hair loss is caused by a variety of reasons such as a patient’s genes, changing hormones, increased stress levels, and as a sign of aging.

Some Causes of Male Pattern Hair Loss Include:

  • Genetics and family history
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Changes in diet or protein deficiency
  • Illness such as thyroid disease
  • Aging

For male patients, hair loss typically occurs at the scalp. While blood tests may indicate a normal hormonal level, the scalp does not always follow the rules regarding androgens. One of the main causes of hair loss is the follicles reacting to the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which causes thinning of non-androgen dependent scalp hair.

How to Treat Male Pattern Hair Loss

There are numerous treatment options for hair loss. One of the most popular treatments is PRP, an organic method for hair regrowth. To determine the best treatment option for stronger, healthier hair, speak to a hair restoration expert such as Reena Jogi, MD in Houston, TX.

PRP Treatment Results

PRP hair loss treatments are an effective method to enhance follicle health and hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma treatments manage both male and female pattern hair loss and baldness. PRP is an innovative cosmetic treatment to increase hair growth and scalp health. 

PRP is effective because it targets the scalp and follicles, stimulating healthy and strong hair growth.

The treatment is minimally invasive and highly recommended for patients of all ages. There are little to no side effects or downtime associated with PRP treatments.

Is Male Pattern Hair Loss Different from Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss are not so different! Both conditions are caused by a similar process. The visible appearance of the condition, however, differs depending on the sex of the patient. 

While the stages of hair loss for men are measured by the Norwood Scale, female pattern hair loss is assessed through the Ludwig Scale.

To learn more about female pattern baldness and hair loss, check out our recent post here.

Final Thoughts on Male Pattern Hair Loss

Conditions of male pattern hair loss and baldness affect patients of all ages. Luckily, there are several safe and efficient solutions to pattern hair loss. Speak to the hair restoration expert about your options for hair regrowth. Everyone deserves thick, healthy hair. 

Contact PRP Hair Restoration Expert Reena Jogi, MD in Houston, TX, for more information on hair loss treatments and PRP procedures.

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