May 19, 2021
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PRP Hair Rejuvenation vs Hair Transplant

Let’s take a look at the benefits of two popular treatments for hair regrowth: PRP Hair Rejuvenation Treatments and Hair Transplant Procedures.

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Dr. Reena Jogi is a dermatologist who specializes in PRP Hair Restoration in Houston, Texas.


There are several effective treatment options for patients seeking thicker, stronger, healthier hair. From organic options to surgical procedures - there’s a solution for every patient dealing with hair loss!

Reena Jogi, MD in Houston, TX, PRP Hair Restoration Expert, helps both male and female patients determine which hair regrowth treatment is best for their unique hair loss condition or stage of balding.

PRP Hair Rejuvenation vs Hair Transplant Procedure

Before advancements in hormonal and organic treatments, hair transplant procedures were a popular method for treating hair loss. Now, hair restoration experts often recommend less invasive treatments such as PRP to eligible patients.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplant procedures require surgery. The hair transplant surgery procedures work by moving multiple punched-out grafts of healthy hair follicles taken from the androgen-insensitive parts of the scalp (typically close to the neckline). Follicles are transferred to the androgen-sensitive (balding) areas such as the temples and crown of the head.

Unfortunately, while the results of hair transplant procedures can be longer-lasting, the process can also be painful, costly, and require extended downtime and healing. Hair transplant surgeries will not completely stop hair loss but will replace follicles where they are missing on the scalp. The results are also not guaranteed and vary from patient to patient. 

PRP Treatments

PRP treatments are a popular method used to enhance follicle health and hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma treatments manage both male and female pattern hair loss and baldness. PRP is an innovative cosmetic treatment to increase hair growth and scalp health. 

Unlike hair transplant treatments, PRP Hair Rejuvenation can help stop future hair loss.

The PRP hair rejuvenation technique involves taking blood from the patient’s arm and placing the sample in a centrifuge. The plasma (which is rich in useful platelets) is separated from the red blood cells. The platelets can be used to help stimulate the patient’s hair follicles, encouraging new and healthy hair growth.

The PRP method is the modern way to restart hair growth and achieve a healthier scalp. PRP is an effective treatment for pattern hair loss because it targets the scalp and follicles, stimulating healthy and strong hair growth.

Plasma contains up to 8x the follicle stimulators as regular blood. This extra boost gives the scalp what it needs to maintain healthy follicles and produce longer, thicker hair. PRP treatments are most effective in areas where the hair is thinning.

Time and Costs

Hair grafts done during a Hair Transplant surgery can be very time-consuming. Patients are often in surgery for up to twelve hours or more. Clinics usually charge patients per hair graft, and the total cost is around $5,000 to $20,000.

PRP Hair Rejuvenation treatments are performed in-office and take under three hours, depending on the patient and the area being treated. The treatments are cost-effective, although they usually require more than one visit.

Recovery and Downtime

Hair transplant procedures use either anesthesia or sedation during surgery to reduce pain. Hair transplants require after-care and downtime, with recovery taking three to five days. For patients undergoing hair transplant surgery under the age of thirty, they will likely need additional transplant procedures in the future as hair loss typically accelerates with age.

PRP Hair Rejuvenation treatments administered by Reena Jogi, MD in Houston, TX, are minimally invasive and highly recommended for patients of all ages. There are little to no side effects or downtime associated with PRP treatments. Results become visible about a month after treatment as hair grows.

Ideal Candidate for PRP Hair Rejuvenation

Ideal candidates for PRP Hair Rejuvenation treatments are both men and women at any age seeking healthier, stronger hair regrowth. PRP treatments can also help patients looking to enhance the results of previous hair transplant procedures or surgeries. 

RP Hair Rejuvenation treatments are an effective, minimally invasive solution for thinning hair, pattern baldness, and hair loss.

PRP treatments are a natural and organic process. Therefore, patients who do not qualify for hair transplant surgeries may still be eligible for PRP treatments.

Hair Rejuvenation Consultation

For more information on hair loss treatments and PRP Hair Rejuvenation, contact our clinic team. PRP Hair Restoration Expert Reena Jogi, MD in Houston, TX, will be glad to help you assess the cause of your hair loss and address your hair growth goals and treatment needs.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about hair regrowth procedures.

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